Critical Studies and Performance Practice

This collection features nearly 500 academic books from the prestigious Methuen Drama and The Arden Shakespeare imprints. Together they offer invaluable critical, contextual and pedagogic content from leading voices in theatre, performance and Shakespeare studies. The titles in this collection are grouped under two broad areas: Context and Criticism and Theatre Craft. The collection also includes 60 actor training videos through PATAZ: Physical Actor Training - an online A-Z.

Highlights include:

Mastering Theatre Craft

Behind-the-scenes insights

Essential Shakespeare

At the forefront of scholarship

PATAZ: Physical Actor Training - an online A-Z

PATAZ: Physical Actor Training - an online A-Z establishes a foundation for physical training exercises through over 60 dynamic videos with accompanying audio commentary, reflection, and texts for today’s physical actor, teacher, and trainer. Using innovative camera work and editing processes, each film explores a term from the A-Z, ranging from specific skills like Grounding and Balance to more abstract concepts like Energy or Craft.