Drama Online - Stratford Festival collection 2

Stratford Festival Shakespeare Collection 2

Launching August 2024

Located in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, the Stratford Festival is the largest classical repertory theatre company in North America. Each season, they present a dozen or more productions in different venues. This second collection will offer 4 filmed performances: All’s Well That Ends Well; Hamlet; Henry VIII and Richard III.

Available now: Stratford Festival Shakespeare Collection 1 (14 filmed performances).

All's Well That Ends Well

When Helena cures the King of France he grants her wish to marry Bertram. A reluctant husband, Bertram heads to war, leaving Helena with a riddle to solve in order to seal their marriage.

"A top-notch cast"
Village Media - Stratford Today


The ultimate royal family crisis starring Amaka Umeh in the title role.

“Umeh is a brilliant anchor of a production communicating the paranoia of a contemporary surveillance state.”
The Toronto Star

Henry VIII

Feel the passion and intrigue behind this pivotal moment in history.

“…there are scenes so rich in poetry and emotional detail they can tear your heart out”
The New York Times

Richard III

Colm Feore captivates as the charismatic and utterly ruthless Richard.

“Feore is superb in a very cool and traditional reading of the role. His internalization of Richard’s disability seems complete, accurate and uncondescending.”
The New York Times