Drama Online - Shakespeare Video Collection

Shakespeare Video Collection

Showcasing behind-the-scenes videos at the Globe, candid interviews with renowned Shakespeare actors and directors, as well as controversial adaptations of the Bard, the Shakespeare video collection is an ideal resource for students, academics, and practitioners. Rare documentary footage focuses on the Globe’s status as a unique theatrical institution, whilst the collection’s critical commentaries aim to demystify and illuminate Shakespeare’s most challenging works.

Paterson Joseph starring as Brutus in the production Julius Caesar for the Shakespeare Video Collection
Fiona Shaw starring in Deborah Warner’s adapation of Richard II for the Shakespeare Video Collection
An actor dressed in costume with white and red face paint holding a stick for the Shakespeare Video Collection

This collection features:

  • The captivating documentary Muse of Fire, which follows actors Giles Terera and Dan Poole across the world as they question theatre luminaries such as Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Judi Dench, Tom Hiddleston, and Baz Luhrman about what Shakespeare means to them
  • Several filmed adaptations of Hamlet, ranging from a 1940’s retelling set in post-war London, to slapstick Shakespeare in Hamlet Stooged!, and a musical rendition, Heavy Metal Hamlet, performed by the experimental Australian theatre troupe, OzFrank
  • The 1997 screen version of Deborah Warner’s controversial adaptation of Richard II, featuring Fiona Shaw in the titular role
  • Adaptations of Macbeth, including Gregory Doran’s acclaimed RSC production with cast and director interviews and OzFrank’s inversion of the classic: Voodoo Macbeth

This collection includes rare footage, often from smaller theatre troupes whose experimental interpretations can provide a more comprehensive understanding of theatre in general and of particular plays. Please note that smaller theatre companies sometimes have lower budgets, which can impact production values.

Synchronised transcripts and closed captions for this collection are being added to videos on a rolling basis. All videos will have transcripts by December 2023. Where films in these collections are in a language other than English, captions will appear on the video and may not always be accessible to screen readers.