Drama Online - Shakespeares Heroes and Villains

Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains

Theatre-Practitioner Steven Berkoff bringing together Shakespeare's characters to life on stage

In a compelling film, theatre-practitioner Steven Berkoff brings a host of Shakespeare’s most famous characters vividly to life, ideal for students of Shakespeare and performance.

“A maverick with an awesome stage presence” The Daily Telegraph

Taught by renowned actor, writer, and director Steven Berkoff

  • Known to many for the villains he has played in mainstream films, Octopussy, Beverly Hills Cop, Rambo, and The Krays
  • Shakespeare’s own words explode into the auditorium from one of the UK’s most formidable and maverick talent

Ideal for students of Shakespeare

  • A unique exploration and analysis of Shakespeare’s most villainous characters: Iago, the Macbeths, Shylock, and Richard III, among others
  • Lifts complex characters from page to stage in a vividly direct and compelling approach
  • Delves into the psyches of characters who are inherently evil, whose situation leads them to evil deeds, and who are at the mercy of an evil society

Pair with other masterclass material, playtexts, critical texts and filmed performances including: