Drama Online - Theatre Performance and Practice Video Library

Theatre Performance and Practice Video Library

Theatre Performance and Practice Video Library is a collection of 7 educational films from Pumpkin Interactive, the UK's leading producer of high-quality video content for schools, colleges and universities, which will enable users to understand first-hand the process of creating theatre from inception through to performance. The areas covered – physical theatre, devising, ensemble, comedy and the ideas of iconic practitioners Artaud and Grotowski – are among the core components of any undergraduate Theatre Studies, Drama, Comedy and Acting course at universities and conservatoires across the world.

This collection offers:

  • Interviews, rehearsal footage, demonstrations and exercises that can be adapted to your own rehearsal space
  • Training and career advice from practitioners and academics, plus mock-auditions and student accounts
  • Unprecedented access to a number of influential theatre companies from the UK, the US and Japan
  • Documentary material on major historic theatre practitioners such as Artaud and Grotowski


  • Grotowski: A Practical Guide
  • Antonin Artaud: Practical Approaches to a Theatre of Cruelty
  • Creating Physical Theatre
  • Devising Work
  • Ensemble Building
  • Creating Comedy: Techniques and Exercises
  • So You Want To Go To Drama School?