Drama Online - Theatre Making and Performance Training Video Collectio

Theatre Making and Performance Training Video Collection

The Theatre Making and Performance Training video collection uses masterclasses, documentaries, and actor interviews to guide students and early-career practitioners through the art of auditioning, vocal training, and stage combat. Through a tailored selection of ‘How To’ resources, the collection also proves essential for those specialising in the design elements of theatre, such as make-up artistry, set design, theatre safety, and lighting.

A black and white photo of a woman sat down resting her face on her hand
An industry expert teaching acting techniques to a group of students
Two actors dancing with a man in a mask and the back of a woman's head

This collection features:

  • A selection of videos detailing the art of stage combat, such as Raoul Johnson’s Combat for the Stage, and The Practice of Arms by actor F. Braun McAsh
  • The 1966 video Actors on Acting, featuring candid advice from professional actors such as Murray Hamilton, James Earl Jones, and Jack Klugman, as well as meditations on rehearsal technique, experimentation, and regionalism within theatre
  • Several informative ‘How To’ videos, tackling the processes of mask making, auditioning, directing, vocal training, performing mime, costumes, and set design
  • Masterclasses from industry experts ranging from Acting Techniques of Kutiyattam to The Commedia dell' Arte Step by Step

Synchronised transcripts and closed captions for this collection are being added to videos on a rolling basis. All videos will have transcripts by December 2023. Where films in these collections are in a language other than English, captions will appear on the video and may not always be accessible to screen readers.

Image credits: Play director and playwright, Jenny Kemp (Photo by Andrew Taylor/Fairfax Media via Getty Images).