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Ken Rea's The Outstanding Actor: Actor Training Workshop

A close up photo of Ken Rea looking at the camera with theatre seats in the background
Ken Rea smiling during a teaching session with two students

From The Outstanding Actor author and acting teacher Ken Rea, comes this masterclass collection of 10 actor training videos.

Giving students the opportunity to learn first-hand from the best, the series covers key topics in actor training, from exploring physicality and strengthening your presence to developing charisma and becoming successful.

Watch Professor Ken Rea in action coaching actors via exercises and games to help unlock the inner workings of trained actors and the secrets of giving your best performance.

How do you begin analysing a monologue to excavate its meaning and dramatic potential? How do you carry dramatic energy right through to the end of a sentence? How can you sharpen your visual imagination? How can you be sure you’re bringing the right energy into the room? And how exactly can you achieve charisma?

Ken Rea's The Outstanding Actor: Actor Training Workshop teaches students all this and more.

  1. Introduction
  2. Ken Rea has taught some of Britain’s most exciting actors, and he now shares the key qualities that will make a difference to your own work as an actor. He outlines what you will learn and how you can step up to the next level of excellence.

  3. The Ensemble and You

    Your life as an actor means that you’re always going to be part of a team, which requires you to be a good ensemble player. In this video, Ken describes the qualities that can make your work in the ensemble much more exciting.

  4. Working on the Text

    Until you clearly understand the structure of a scene or monologue, your efforts to be exciting can lead to misplaced energy. In this video, Ken teaches you the techniques to analyse a text, unlock its power and bring your director more stimulating and workable choices. He’ll work on duologues and monologues.

  5. Auditioning for Drama School

    In drama school auditions, the panel will want to test your talent and explore your potential as an actor. They want to get an idea of your personality, motivation and imagination. Many young actors fall down at this stage by pushing for emotion rather than letting the text do the work. In this video, Ken shows how you can prepare for drama school auditions.

  6. Your Character's Physicality

    To bring a character to life, your body must be free and expressive. You should be aware of the huge range of physical choices you have that express the inner life of the character. In this video, Ken takes you through his unique process to widen your acting choices outside of your comfort zone and make the character believable in a fresh way.

  7. Using Improvisation

    Improvisation can be an effective way of unlocking your imagination to find more interesting acting choices. In this video, Ken takes you through a range of techniques to find playfulness and spontaneity, and to embrace risk-taking as a way of bringing danger to your performance.

  8. Strengthening Your Presence

    Every actor wants to have presence, but it can be elusive to acquire. In this video, Ken explores presence through the dimensions of time and space. He teaches you a number of powerful, lesser-known techniques – some of them derived from Japanese culture – that will help you strengthen your presence on stage and screen

  9. Developing Charisma

    In this video, Ken lays out the key qualities of charisma and teaches you the techniques that will help you convey it in both your acting and offstage situations, such as meetings and auditions, to make a positive, memorable impression.

  10. Becoming Successful

    Being a successful actor means not only doing exciting work, but also getting the job in the first place. In this final video, Ken teaches you powerful, proven techniques that will help you step up to the next level and have a more successful career.

  11. The Way Forward

    Ken shares his final pieces of advice, reminding you of the key qualities that will make a difference to your work as an actor and will help you step up to the next level of success.