About Drama Online

This award-winning digital library has been created as a response to the need for a high-quality online research tool for drama and literature students, professors, and teachers. It is the only resource to combine exclusively available playtext content and scholarly publications with filmed live performances, film adaptations, and audio plays.

Below you can download a full title list of all playtexts, audio, video, and books and find out how to take a free trial of Drama Online.

What's available?

Drama Online is a fast-growing study resource which now features over 4,500 playtexts from over 1,800 playwrights, nearly 450 audio plays, 800 hours of video, and nearly 650 scholarly books from leading theatre publishers and companies, offering a complete multimedia experience of theatre.

Our unique Play Tools feature includes Character Grids, Words and Speech graphs, and Part Books offering new ways to engage with plays for close study or performance. Video content is supported by an Interactive Transcript Player and new Video Clipping functionality.

From the epic to the monologue; ensemble to one-person plays; comedy to tragedy; the historical to the contemporary; and from the highly political to the profoundly personal, there is plenty to discover.

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