Drama Online - Currency Press Collection

Currency Press Collection: Australian Drama

This exciting collection, exclusively available via Drama Online, offers 305 plays from Currency Press, Australia's leading publisher of the performing arts and its oldest, independently-owned, active publisher.

Currency Press has published hundreds of titles across a rapidly expanding list of contemporary Australian writers, including indigenous playwrights, alongside genre plays of the colonial period and works from the first half of the twentieth century.

About the collection:

  • This collection offers plays from many of Australia’s preeminent playwrights such as Andrew Bovell, Nick Enright, Lally Katz, Suzie Miller, Kate Mulvany, Joanna Murray-Smith, Tommy Murphy, Louis Nowra, Debra Oswald, Leah Purcell and David Williamson.
  • The titles included are global and diverse in their origins and themes, offering a dynamic mix of contemporary Australian texts aimed at a global readership.
  • The first and only exclusive library of Currency Press titles, this collection offers a unique opportunity for students, practitioners and researchers to explore the catalogue of this important drama publisher.