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Truth and ‘Truthiness’ in acting the real

Exploring Television Acting

Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018


...Introduction – ‘the documentary moment’ From 2007 to 2010, I was Principal Investigator for the University of Reading/AHRC project, ‘Acting with Facts’. All quotations from ‘Acting...
...For learning resources, visit this page. Age recommendation: 14+ (references to rape) This archive recording was captured on 9th May, 2017. Why is Justice blind? Is she impartial? Or is she blinkered? Friends take opposing briefs in a rape...
...This Greek tragedy tells the story of Oedipus, King of Thebes and husband of Jocasta. When the discovery is made that he is the son of the same Jocasta and of the previous king Laius (whom he has unwittingly murdered), Oedipus blinds...
...For learning resources, visit this page. Age recommendation: 14+ This archive recording was captured in the Lyttelton Theatre on 17th March, 2015. 1659. Mughal, India. Two brothers, Dara and Aurangzeb, are both heirs to the Muslim empire...
...In three short months, Oscar Wilde, the most celebrated playwright and wit of Victorian England, was toppled from the apex of British society into humiliation and ruin. Drawing from trial documents, newspaper accounts, and writings...
...Oscar-winning and Tony-nominated writer and director Eric Simonson explores the most famous archeological hoax in history. Alternating between 1914 and 1953, journalists and scientists set out to uncover who planted the Piltdown Man skull...
...Arthur Conan Doyle’s rollicking adventure tale follows a scientific expedition deep into the Amazon jungle – right back into the time of dinosaurs and cave men. Before Jurassic Park, before Indiana Jones - there was The Lost World! An L...
...When death row prisoner Darius McReele transforms into a charismatic front-runner in the Delaware senate race, the spin starts spinning out of control. Is he doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, or the wrong thing for the right...
...A highly -placed school official is accused of buying drugs on the street. Is he an out-of-control addict or a victim of discrimination? Voir Dire - a legal term meaning “to say what is true”- is the story of the racially-mixed jurors who...

The Beggar or The Dead Dog

Translated by

Michael Hamburger

~playauthor~Written by~ Bertolt Brecht , Michael Hamburger ~playauthor~Translated by~ Michael Hamburger

Methuen Drama, 1994

World Classics


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...As a young university student in Munich, Bertolt Brecht was only a few years away from early success as a playwright when he wrote five one-acts. Of these plays, only one was performed in his lifetime, and none were published until after...