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Introduction: Towards an Embodied Theatrology?

Gabriele Sofia

Gabriele Sofia teaches theatre studies and physical theatre at Paul Valéry University, Montpellier, France. Since 2006 he has carried out an interdisciplinary research project on the neurophysiology of the actor and the spectator between the Sapienza University of Rome and the Maisons des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord. From 2009 to 2013 he promoted and organized five editions of the International Conference “Dialogues between Theatre and Neuroscience” at Sapienza. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Theatre and Cognitive Neuroscience

Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2016


...Translation by Victor Jacono. Introduction The concept of ‘embodied theatrology’ was originally proposed by Marco De Marinis in March 2011...
...From the author of Copenhagen and Noises Off. A comedy-drama about a door manufacturing company and a fateful convention in Frankfurt. An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Rosalind Ayres, Allan Corduner, David Ellenstein...
...Emotionally powerful and sharply relevant, this is a stylish new adaptation of JB Priestley’s timeless masterpiece. An Inspector Calls is both an enthralling mystery and a scathing critique of a hypocritical, class-obsessed society. Set...
...A crumbling convent school is on the verge of insolvency, when a young postulant begins to display strange heavenly powers. And when a dashing film executive arrives to buy the rights to her story, the Reverend Mother refuses to put profits...
...Based on the Bernice Rubens' novel of the same name, I Sent a Letter to My Love is a romantic musical by Grammy winner Melissa Manchester and dramatist Jeffrey Sweet. It is 1955 and a lonely spinster, Amy, places a correspondence ad...
...Dr. Melanie Laidlaw is a scientist developing the first use of ICSI, short for intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Her collaborator, Dr. Felix Frankenthaler, turns out to have his own ideas about how to implement their new procedure. The wild...
...A parade of unforgettable characters emerge from the steam in this hilarious, supernatural bathhouse. There is Tandy, fresh from teaching art appreciation at the Police Academy; Meredith, whose last memory is buying a micro-miniskirt...
...It should be a week full of wine, wit and relaxation. However Jill’s husband doesn’t show up at a lakeside vacation house and instead of a holiday, the happily married Mark & Shelly are offered an intimate view of their friend’s erratic...

Notes for First Time Astronauts

Written by

Tom Wells

~playauthor~Written by~ Tom Wells

Nick Hern Books, 2010


Acts: 1

...A comic monologue from Tom Wells warning of the perils of self-abuse in zero gravity conditions. Our unnamed male narrator is about to take off into space as the cameraman on board a rocket to the moon. However...
...Addiction, pain, and explosive tempers are not exactly what you’d call the ingredients for a side-splitting comedy. Yet Stephen Adly Guirgis has created a profane, hilarious masterpiece that earned a “hatful” of theatrical accolades...