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‘Give Me Excess of It’

Bridget Escolme

Bridget Escolme is Senior Lecturer in Drama at Queen Mary College, University of London, and a leading figure in the study of early modern drama in performance. She researches and teaches historical theatre and its contemporary production, particularly early modern drama and the ways in which original and current staging practices produce space and subjectivity. She has published with CUP and Routledge in the past. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Emotional Excess on the Shakespearean Stage: Passion’s Slaves

Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare, 2014


...When Menas suggests that every man wants his wife holy, cold and still of conversation, Enobarbus demurs, figuring Antony, and by implication Cleopatra, as worldly, hot and shifting in comparison to Caesar’s obedient and self-sacrificing...
...King Henry's health is failing as a second rebellion against his reign threatens to surface. Intent on securing his legacy, he is uncertain that his son Hal is a worthy heir, believing him more concerned with earthly pleasures than...
...Henry IV is dead and Hal is King. With England in a state of unrest, he must leave his rebellious youth behind, striving to gain the respect of his nobility and people. Laying claim to parts of France and following an insult from the French...
...With his crown under threat from enemies both foreign and domestic, Henry IV prepares for war. Having deposed the previous king, he is only too aware how tenuous his position is, and the price to be paid if he falters. As his father...
...Richard is King. A monarch ordained by God to lead his people. A man whose vanity threatens to divide the great houses of England and drag his people into a dynastic civil war that will last 100 years. RSC Artistic Director Gregory Doran...
...Age recommendation: 12+ This archive recording was captured in the Lyttelton Theatre on 17th March, 2015. 1659. Mughal, India. Two brothers, Dara and Aurangzeb, are both heirs to the Muslim empire. Dara, the crown prince, has the love...
...James Goldman’s brilliant historical drama pits King Henry II of England against the strong-willed Eleanor of Aquitaine. Back stabbing, spying, double crossing, and rampant infidelity – a typical family Christmas. Typical, that is,...

‘A rhyme is but a ballad’: Popular song

Christopher R. Wilson

Christopher R.Wilson is Professor in the Department of Music at the University of Hull, UK. He has published on English music/words topics from the late medieval period to the 20th century. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Shakespeare’s Musical Imagery

Bloomsbury Academic, 2011


...For long enough, Shakespeare has been revered as a classic of high-brow literature. That has not always been the case. In the early eighteenth century, according to Gillespie and Rhodes (2006:2), ‘from a neoclassical point of view...

‘Where Should this Music Be?’: Locating Shakespeare and Modern Popular Music

Adam Hansen

Adam Hansen is Lecturer in English at Northumbria University, UK. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Shakespeare and Popular Music

Bloomsbury Academic, 2010


...The Tempest, 1.2.390.Discussing modern popular music and Shakespeare raises challenging questions, focused largely on definitions. This chapter explores what we mean by ‘popular music’, the issues generated by this form, and how musicians...

Agnes Colander - An Attempt at Life  

~playauthor~Written by~ Harley Granville Barker

Methuen Drama, 2018

Modern Plays


Acts: 3, Roles: Total (6), Female (4), Male (2), Unassigned (0)

...We should all have been taught more of life and less good manners It is three years since Agnes, an artist, left her unfaithful husband Henry. Now he writes to her in her Kensington studio begging...