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...Hywel Bennett, Alan Badel, Nigel Hawthorne and John Gielgud star in Sheridan's clever farce on the pretensions of the theatrical world. The Critic: or, a Tragedy Rehearsed is a political and literary satire, following in the vein of George...
...Beware the gossips! Lady Sneerwell and her hireling Snake are certainly up to no good in this timeless send-up of hypocritical manners. Thanks to their scandal-mongering, the comely Lady Teazle must fend off the slanderous barbs that have...
...Elizabeth I of England is threatened by the survival of her Catholic cousin, Mary Stuart. Wrestling with her own conscience, the Queen agonizes over Mary's fate, amidst fears for her own life. Court intrigue has never been more gripping...
...Romantic havoc ensues in the town of Bath when Sir Anthony arrives to arrange the marriage of his son Captain Jack Absolute to the wealthy Lydia Languish. Jack and Lydia are already in love, but because of Lydia’s obsession with romantic...
...Age recommendation: 12+ Recorded through National Theatre Live on 29th March, 2012. Hardcastle, a man of substance, looks forward to acquainting his daughter with his old pal's son, with a view to marriage. But thanks to playboy Lumpkin...
...The School for Scandal was written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, with a prologue by the famous actor David Garrick, and was first performed in 1777.It's the story of two brothers, one apparently a model citizen, the other a dissolute...
...In this classic comedy of manners, two young men set out to woo the alluring and upper-crust Kate and Constance. But is anybody in this rural estate ruly who they seem? Bawdy hijinks and popped pretensions are the hallmarks of this romping...

Fourth Approach: Digital & Technological

Alan Read

Alan Read is Professor of Theatre at King's College, London, UK. He was Director of the Council of Europe Workshop on Theatre and Communities, and Rotherhithe Theatre Workshop in the Docklands area of South East London, in the 1980s, worked as a freelance writer in Barcelona and as Director of Talks at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in the 1990s and was the first Professor of Theatre at Roehampton University and then King's College London between 1997 and the present. He is the author of Theatre & Everyday Life: An Ethics of Performance (1993) and Theatre, Intimacy & Engagement: The Last Human Venue (2008). He is the founding consultant editor of Performance Research journal. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Theatre in the Expanded Field: Seven Approaches to Performance

Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2013


...When Denis Diderot, the founder and editor of the Encyclopédie, was growing up in Langres, in the early 1700s, on a limestone promontory in North-East France, at odds with his cutler family and his local Jesuit College, he would have been...

The Rivals

Edited by

Tiffany Stern

~playauthor~Written by~ Richard Brinsley Sheridan , Tiffany Stern ~playauthor~Edited by~ Tiffany Stern

Methuen Drama, 2004

New Mermaids


Acts: 5, Scenes: 15, Roles: Total (12), Female (4), Male (8), Unassigned (0)

...The Rivals is a witty, pleasant and satirical comedy about love and foolishness. Lydia Languish, whose view on life is shaped entirely by the romantic novels she reads, has fallen in love with a penniless soldier, Ensign...

John Philip Kemble

Garrick, Kemble, Siddons, Kean Volume II : Great Shakespeareans

Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare, 2010


...The Memory of Kemble Of all the major Shakespearean actor-managers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, John Philip Kemble may have come the closest to being completely forgotten. If for nothing else, Edmund Kean is famous...