Lit in Colour

Discover nearly 100 plays by global majority and traditionally underrepresented writers

Barber Shop Chronicles by Inua Ellams
Chewing Gum Dreams by Michaela Coel
The Empress by Tanika Gupta
The Father and the Assassin by Anupama Chandrasekhar
The Great Wave by Francis Turnly
Rockets and Blue Lights by Winsome Pinnock

Drama Online’s playtexts emerge from the home of the world's leading drama publisher, Bloomsbury, under its Methuen Drama, The Arden Shakespeare, and Oberon Books imprints, as well as from our many esteemed partners including Nick Hern Books and Faber.

We work hard to diversify the voices and stories we publish. We feel passionately about the importance of drama as a genre of study which is why we are bringing our unique focus on drama texts to the Lit in Colour campaign, in collaboration with Penguin Books UK and the Runnymede Trust, supporting schools to make the teaching and learning of English Literature and Drama more inclusive.

Below you'll find information about nearly 50 plays organised by theme written by global majority and traditionally underrepresented writers, as well as nearly 50 further plays by the same playwrights to encourage students to dig deeper into a playwright’s portfolio. In light of research found in the Lit in Colour research report, we have included authors in Black, Asian, Jewish and other Minority Ethnic groups.

All of the plays listed below are available here on Drama Online. Your access to these plays will depend on the Drama Online collections to which your institution has subscribed. Details of the collection in which each play sits can be found here.

The plays listed on this page are based on The (Incomplete) Lit in Colour Play List 2023, which has been designed to support teachers and students looking for plays by writers of colour. As there are so many plays to choose from, our title acknowledges that this list will inevitably be incomplete and we will be releasing further lists annually. Please also note that some of those plays are not available on Drama Online.

Any plays with an asterisk (*) next to them are also available in a video or audio collection.

Love, Family and Relationships

Immigration and Belonging

Politics and Activism

Youth and Growing Up

Identity and Culture


Class and Society


More plays by authors on the Lit in Colour Play List: