Drama Online - Drama Online migration

Welcome to Drama Online's new home!

We are delighted to present Drama Online in its new home. Easier to search, browse and navigate, and supported by new and improved functionality, this digital library is now an even more essential study and research resource for your institution.

Users can access all the same high-quality content as before but will benefit from an improved experience including:

  • Improved search and navigation with intuitive search filters that can easily be combined
  • Better browsing experience with mixed content curated collections and browsing by content type
  • Greater discoverability and ease of use of Character Grid and play tools
  • Unsubscribed content hidden by default
  • The new toolbar allows users to show or hide any notes, commentary and line numbers in the text for quick and easy reference
  • A fully responsive and mobile-friendly interface

Please be aware that:

  • Redirects are in place for all content pages and DOI links remain the same
  • Your access method, for example IP address, Shibboleth or Open Athens, continues to work in exactly the same way. Please check and confirm that your EZProxy config file stanzas for Drama Online are as follows including the Option Cookie directive:
Option Cookie
Title GEOPlugin (updated 20200423)
URL https://ssl.geoplugin.net
Host https://ssl.geoplugin.net
HJ ssl.geoplugin.net
DJ geoplugin.net

Option Cookie
Title Drama Online (updated 20200423)
URL https://www.dramaonlinelibrary.com/
HJ www.dramaonlinelibrary.com
HJ dramaonlinelibrary.com
HJ https://www.dramaonlinelibrary.com
HJ https://dramaonlinelibrary.com
DJ dramaonlinelibrary.com

Do URLs from the old site redirect to pages on the new site?

In order to support customers who have bookmarked the current URLs, for example in library catalogue systems or in reading lists, as well as search engines and discovery and indexing databases, we have set up URL redirects. This will mean that links to content pages (e.g. to playtexts, books, videos, and audio) and also links to Collections pages and Learning resources will be redirected to the corresponding page on the new Drama site.

Please note the redirects will live in our platforms indefinitely. DOIs will continue to point to the new platform too. This means that if you are using our MARC records (which include DOI URLs), you need not be concerned about the URLs. If you are using your own MARC records or are bookmarking pages using the OLD platform URLs, you are covered by the redirects.

List of URL redirects

The following types of URLs have been redirected to the equivalent place on the new site:

What has been migrated to the new site?

All personal user accounts (with usernames and passwords unchanged), are available on the new Drama Online site. You can sign in to your personal account with the same username and password that you used to access your personal account on the old site.

What has not been migrated to the new site?

Saved bookmarks and tags in the My Bookmarks and Notes section

If you saved the URLs for your bookmarked items outside Drama Online before migration, you can now save these into your personal account on the new site. Our URL redirects will ensure that these URLs will point you to the corresponding content on the new site.

Saved Searches in My Account

The Search works differently on the new platform, so Search results will be different on the new platform: instead of multiple Search results for one play or book, you will get one Search result and there is functionality allowing you to jump to each hit within that play/book.

Search History in My Account

The Search works differently on the new site so this information no longer matches what is on the new site. There is no equivalent functionality to Search History on the new site.

How do personal accounts work on the new site?

On the new site your Personal Account enables you to:

  • Save books, chapters, images or other items to view later
  • Organise your saved items into folders
  • Email and export citations
  • Save searches and receive search alerts

On the new site the My Content area contains:

  • My Saved Items: this is where you can save (bookmark) items on the new platform: you can create your own folders and organise your saved items. This will be empty until you start saving items on the new platform; you can save links to books, chapters, videos, images, and audio.
  • My Saved Searches: this is where all the searches that you have saved on the new platform appear. Again, this will be empty until you start saving Searches on the new platform.
  • My Clips: this is new functionality on the new platform and enables you to save video clips to your personal account. This is a new feature, which was not available on the old site, so nothing will be saved here until you start saving your own video clips.

On the new site the My Profile area is where you can:

  • Edit your name and email address
  • Change your password
  • Opt in to receive information about Drama Online and related Bloomsbury products

Here is a quick reference chart of personal account functionality showing the differences between the old and new Drama Online sites:

Current Drama site New Drama site on SSP
My Account>Update my details>Sigma login

Sign in to your personal account>My Profile>Edit profile

Usernames and passwords for personal accounts will work on the new site, no user action required

My Account>Saved Searches

Sign in to your personal account>My Content>My Saved Searches

No Saved searches will be migrated to the new site

My Account>Search History N/A – functionality not available
My Bookmarks and NotesSign in to your personal account>My Content>My Saved Items
N/A – functionality not available Sign in to your personal account>My Content>My Clips (NB clips work for video content only, not audio)

If you have any questions about the new site , please get in touch with your local representative:

Americas: OnlineSalesUS@Bloomsbury.com

UK and Rest of World: OnlineSalesUK@Bloomsbury.com

Australia and New Zealand: OnlineSalesANZ@Bloomsbury.com