The Vocal Arts Workbook and video

David Carey and Rebecca Clark Carey

DOI: 10.5040/9781472503831

ISBN: 9780713688245

This practical workbook and online video helps actors to fully develop expressive voice skills to communicate thoughts and feelings with precision and power. At the heart of the book are practical projects, with examples supplied on the accompanying online video, which enables you to:

- connect your breath with your voice

- meet the demands of your performance

- use your voice expressively with pitch and range

Each chapter consists of an introductory Framework; Explorations; Exercises; Follow Up work; Suggested Texts; and Further Reading: a unique, student-centred approach not found in other voice books.

The Vocal Arts Workbook and Video is a complete learning programme drawing on the work of a wide range of practitioners to be used at home, as a course text, or as a way to integrate 20-30 minutes of voice work into an acting class. Video can be found here:

'A stimulating, imaginative and practical workbook.' Communicating Voice (September 2008)

'I truly recommend this imaginative, practical book to drama students and professional actors as well as to those just interested in exploring their own voices. It's a gem.' Speaking English, Autumn 2008