The Art of Rehearsal

edited by Barbara Simonsen

DOI: 10.5040/9781474292030

ISBN: 9781474292016

What are the key elements that go into creating a work of art for the stage? Which are the most productive conditions and methods of rehearsal? In this collection of interviews, 18 international artists share their experience and offer practical advice on the creation of performance work. Their answers provide a goldmine of tried and tested approaches as they discuss the common problems and difficulties of creative work, their turning-point experiences, and ways in which they have challenged performers and themselves to go beyond conditioned reflexes to create groundbreaking new work.

Among the contemporary directors, choreographers, performers, and actors to share their insights are: Annabel Arden (Complicite), Richard Lowdom (Forced Entertainment), Richard Foreman (Ontological-Hysteric Theatre), Maxine Doyle (Punchdrunk), Eugenio barba (Odin Teatret), Jan Fabre, and Helgard Haug (Rimini Protokoll). The interviews spring from the research project Rehearsal Matters, co-created by Barbara Simonsen, Isabelle Reynaud and Deborah Vlaeymans. Videos of several of the interviews can be found here.