Play Acting

Luke Dixon

DOI: 10.5040/9781350054813

ISBN: 9780413772947

A handbook of theatre workshops for actors, teachers and directors, by a leader in the field of physical theatre and research

This is a book of theatrical beginnings for actors, teachers and directors. Divided into four parts, from Body through to Voice, Heart and Mind, the book covers all the elements you need to engage in order to train as an actor. The dizzying breadth of exercises and workshops offered here start you off on all the processes; from voice warm-ups and bodywork through to interacting with space and creating characters. Drawing on a plethora of influences, from Japanese Butoh to African dance, Shakespearean verse speaking and children's games, this book is aimed to entice actors who need to refresh their skills, those who would like to take part in or run workshops, and many who have no experience at all.