Physical Expression on Stage and Screen

Bill Connington

DOI: 10.5040/9781408182673

ISBN: 9781408182642

A tight throat; held breath; stiff muscles; stage fright: impediments to performance come in many guises, but they all spring from the same source-tension.

In Physical Expression on Stage and Screen Bill Connington, a renowned teacher of the Alexander Technique, shows you how to recognize and release the tension that keeps you from performing at your best. If you're ever not certain of what to do with your hands or how to make a meaningful gesture, or if your movement feels fine in daily life but then you suddenly become self-conscious when onstage or in front of a camera, this book is here to help.

More than one hundred clear, accessible exercises – including many filmed tutorials available online – will enable you to

• Move more naturally and easily

• Breathe more freely

• Speak more clearly

• Free your creative impulses

• Play a character with an unfamiliar physicality

'A clear, detailed, and practical account of how the Alexander Technique can help liberate performers from habitual psychophysical tensions, allowing them to access the deepest and most creative impulses in their work.' Walton Wilson, Chair, Department of Acting, and Head of Voice and Speech, Yale School of Drama

'In small, doable steps, Bill guides the actor toward a healthy, creative life as a performer-always with a supportive, encouraging tone and attention to process as opposed to results.' Kim Jessor, faculty, Tisch School of the Arts at the New York University Graduate Acting Program