Music Entrepreneurship

Allan Dumbreck and Gayle McPherson

DOI: 10.5040/9781472527912

ISBN: 9781472525406

The music industries hinge on entrepreneurship. The recent, rapid convergence of media and the parallel ongoing evolution of music businesses have again seen the focus shift to independent companies and individual entrepreneurs. Opportunities tend not to be advertised in professional music and practically everyone begins on their own: forming a band, starting a record label, running events, or building a website. But it's not an easy territory to navigate or get a handle on.

Music Entrepreneurship features an analysis of the changing landscape of the music industries and the value of the entrepreneur within them through a series of focused chapters and case studies. Alongside contributions from key academics across the globe, expert contributors from across the industry highlight successful entrepreneurs and offer practical help to the reader trying to navigate the business. Sectors examined include:

The value of the music industries

Recorded music

Live events

Branding in music

Artist management

Digital distribution

'The book charts the ongoing evolution of music businesses and the focus shift to independent companies ... helping emerging artists to find opportunities that may be unadvertised in the professional field.' The Glasgow Herald