Make Acting Work

Chrys Salt

DOI: 10.5040/9781350054714

ISBN: 9780413761408

An invaluable, practical guide to an acting career - "A really useful book for every actor to own" (Prunella Scales)

Make Acting Work is an essential guide for anyone wishing to develop a career in this exciting but unpredictable profession. It offers a level-headed appraisal of the challenges that actors face and identifies a wide range of opportunities that exist for the resourceful. Practical advice is given on all the critical elements, including preparing a CV, photographs, demo-tape and showreel, getting an agent, and auditioning. The different requirements of theatre, radio, film and tv are explained, as well as a comprehensive survey of less traditional work, such as voice-overs, corporate training and role play."This book should be part of every resourceful actor's armoury" (Annette Badland)