Dramatic Dance

Darren Royston

DOI: 10.5040/9781408189597

ISBN: 9781408173817

Dance is part of the art of theatre, a part which connects to movement, to communication, to improvisation, and to performance. It cannot exist on its own in the context of dramatic performance, but works in conjunction with other elements to enable meanings to be created in performance.

Dramatic Dance sets a programme for actors to perform dance as part of the drama, offering several approaches which can contribute to developing this understanding, to training this skill, and always ensuring that the whole active and thinking body and mind are fully engaged with the task of making dance an integral and vital part of theatre. To study dance in this way allows students to develop further their understanding of logic and structure in a dramatic text.

Whilst many books deal with only one aspect of dance or another, Dramatic Dance is the first book to act as a comprehensive guide for theatre practice, bringing together these different, complementary disciplines.

'Actors get so much from the practical experience of exploring historical dance ideas . . . Darren's fantastic, thorough approach to dance for the actor can be referred to throughout the rehearsal process and helps to unite the style of the production.' Jamie Lloyd, Director, She Stoops to Conquer, National Theatre, London

'This all-embracing approach gives actors a grounding in fundamental stagecraft and a vital sense of body while preparing for a role.' Andrew Normington, Director, The Lord Chamberlain's Men & former Head of Acting, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School