Brecht on Performance

Bertolt Brecht edited by Tom Kuhn , Marc Silberman and Steve Giles translated by Steve Giles , Tom Kuhn , John Willett , Romy Fursland and Charlotte Ryland

DOI: 10.5040/9781408166406

ISBN: 9781408154557

Brecht on Performance: Messingkauf and Modelbooks presents a selection of Brecht's principal writings for directors and theatre practitioners, and is suitable for acting schools, directors, actors, students and teachers of Theatre Studies. Through these texts Brecht provides a general practical approach to acting and to realising texts for the stage that crystallises and makes concrete many of the more theoretical aspects of his other writing.

The volume is in two parts. The first features an entirely new commentated edition of Brecht's dialogues and essays about the practice of theatre, known as the Messingkauf, or Buying Brass, including the 'Practice Pieces' for actors (rehearsal scenes for classics by Shakespeare and Schiller). The second contains rehearsal and production records from Brecht's work on productions of Life of Galileo, Antigone, Mother Courage and others.

Edited by an international team of Brecht scholars and including an essay by director and teacher Di Trevis examining the practical application of these texts for theatres and actors today, Brecht on Performance is a wonderfully rich resource. The text is illustrated with over 30 photographs from the Modelbooks.

'An excellent complement to Brecht in Practice. … These theoretical essays concern the practice of theatre (known as Messingkauf, or 'buying brass') and explore the way actors should interpret and perform a text.' American Theatre

'Combined with Brecht in Practice, [Brecht on Performance] makes a compelling contribution to the anglophone understanding of Brecht and may indeed breathe new life into how we do theatre in the twenty-first century.' Modern Language Review