Applied Theatre: Development

Tim Prentki

DOI: 10.5040/9781472506658

ISBN: 9781472509864

At once both guide book and provocation, this is an indispensable companion for students and practitioners of applied theatre. It addresses all key aspects: principles, origins, politics and aesthetics in a concise and accessible style designed to appeal both to those who have recently discovered this sub-discipline and to experienced practitioners and academics.

Part 1 introduces the sub-discipline of Theatre for Development, its origins, principles and history, but also the theoretical and philosophical issues confronting the discipline and its relationship to contemporary politics, as well as considering its future role. Part 2 consists of seven chapters contributed by leading figures and current practitioners from around the world and covering a diverse range of themes, methodologies and aesthetic approaches. These include case studies concerned with sexual health education and HIV prevention drawn from practitioners working in Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Southern Africa, and China; studies of intercultural theatre in the Peruvian Amazon; a programme of applied theatre conducted in schools in Canterbury, New Zealand, following the 2010 earthquake; an attempt to reinvigorate a community theatre group in South Brazil; and an exchange between a Guatemalan arts collective and a Dutch youth theatre company, besides others.

'It was exciting to see established scholars such as Eugene van Erven, John O'Toole and Marcia Pompeo Nogueira alongside emerging writers ... In that respect the book truly embodies the concept of creative collaboration ... The material is accessible to both students and more seasoned practitioners ... The examples all raise interesting questions for those in or thinking about the field of theatre for development.' South African Theatre Journal