Actor Movement

Vanessa Ewan and Debbie Green

DOI: 10.5040/9781408191279

ISBN: 9781408134412

Actor Movement: Expression of the Physical Being is a textbook and video resource for the working actor, the student and all those who lead and witness movement for the actor, including movement tutors, movement directors and directors.

Great actors are not simply great interpreters of text; they are also great interpreters of movement; able to 'embody' all aspects of a character's life, with body and imagination as their instruments. In their work they are expected to become many bodies, all behaving differently from their own. Actors have to construct, inhabit and offer each character's body, with its multiplicity of known and unknown physical expression. This edition features over 155 exercises, four full actor movement processes for creating character, over 20 illustrations and images and complementary online footage supporting 26 of the practical elements.

Inspiring confidence in the actor to make fully owned physical choices and develop a love of movement, this essential new textbook is ideal for those actors seeking to give to their movement all the complexity and range possible for great acting.