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Fritters of English: Variation and Linguistic Judgement

Jonathan Hope

Dr Jonathan Hope is Reader in Literary Linguistics at Strathclyde University. and is author of Shakespeare’s Grammar (Arden, 2003). He is a leading expert in his field and Linguistic Advisor to the Arden Shakespeare. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Shakespeare and Language : Reason, Eloquence and Artifice in the Renaissance

Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare, 2010



... Shakespeare’s echoes of Golding elsewhere have this intensely involved quality: they are genuine transformations of moods and situations rather than simple allusions. Jonathan Bate argues that Edgar also draws on Golding in this scene when his...

Current Critical Research: The State of the Art

1 Henry IV : A Critical Guide

Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare, 2011



... and Jonathan Hart , Theater and World: The Problematics of Shakespeare’s History ( Boston : Northeastern University Press, 1992) . The latter includes...