Plays by Zahida Zaidi

The Far-reaching Night  

Bloomsbury Publishing
Type: Text

This play brings out the complexities of the communalization of society, and the price that ordinary people have to pay for it. It revolves round binaries to bring out the communal divide. The spatial binary of heaven and earth is offset by the religio–cultural binary of one community clad in green—representing Muslims—and the other clad in saffron—symbolizing the Hindutva brigade. Presents a carnival of characters, most of whom are symbolic of political personages in post-1947 India, especially those that emerged in the bloody aftermath of the 2002 episode at Godhra railway station in Gujarat. They represent the ideology of India’s Far Right and embody the consequences of what is shown as an unholy alliance between the state machinery and the party in power, an alliance that is however not limited in scope to any particular Indian region.