Plays by Yuri Trifanov

audio Exchange

LA Theatre Works
Type: Audio

The dreary aspects of Soviet housing and one family’s attempt to “exchange” its tiny Moscow apartment for a larger one. Adapted from a novella by the respected Russian writer Yuri Trifanov, as translated by playwright Michael Frayn.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring: Ian Abercrombie as Viktor’s Father Rosalind Ayres as Lena Sharon Bamber as Aunt Ahenya Joyce Blair as Viktor’s Mother Barbara Bosson as Lora Peter A. Jacobs as Kalugin and Felix Martin Jarvis as Viktor Zosukuma Kunene as Alik Anna Sophie Loewenberg as Natashka Vonetta McGee as Tanya Marian Mercer as Lena’s Mother Robin Nordli as Factory Director and Funeral Orator William Palmieri as Snitkin and others John Randolph as Viktor’s Grandfather Melissa Smigley as Marina, and Girl Next Door Malachi Throne as Lena’s Father Translated and adapted by Michael Frayn. Directed by Robert Robinson. Recorded before a live audience in Santa Monica, CA in April, 1992.

Featuring: Ian Abercrombie, Rosalind Ayres, Sharon Bamber, Joyce Blair, Barbara Bosson, Peter A. Jacobs, Martin Jarvis, Zosukuma Kunene, Anna Sophie Loewenberg, Vonetta McGee, Marian Mercer, Robin Nordli, William Palmieri, John Randolph, Melissa Smigley, Malachi Throne

Yuri Trifanov was a twentieth-century Russian novelist. Born in Moscow in 1925, his father was executed during the Great Purge of the Soviet Union, a period of extensive political repression under the leadership of Joseph Stalin, during which Trifanov's mother was imprisoned for eight years. Despite these early traumas, Trifanov remained in Moscow, going on to attend the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute from 1944 to 1949, after which his first novel, The Students, was published, earning Trifanov the Stalin Prize. An originator of the Urban Prose genre, Trifanov continued to publish novellas depicting the quotidian existence of ordinary Muscovites. Historical novels followed in the 1970s, before Trifanov's untimely death in 1980, due to complications arising from kidney surgery.