Plays by Yasmina Reza

audio Art

LA Theatre Works
Type: Audio

How much would you pay for a painting with nothing on it? Would it be “art”? Marc’s best friend Serge has just bought a very expensive – and very white – painting. To Marc, it is a joke, and as battle lines are drawn, old friends use the painting to settle scores. With friendships hanging in the balance, the question becomes: how much is a work of “art” worth? A Tony Award winner for Best Play and Oliver Award winner for Best Comedy.

Includes interviews with actors Bob Balaban and Brian Cox, as well as an interview with translator Christopher Hampton.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring:

Bob Balaban as Serge

Brian Cox as Marc

Jeff Perry as Yvan

Directed by Peter Levin. Translated by Christopher Hampton. Recorded before a live audience at the Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles.

Featuring: Bob Balaban, Brian Cox, Jeff Perry


Faber and Faber
Type: Text

Serge has bought a modern work of art for a large sum of money. Marc hates the painting and cannot believe that a friend of his could possibly want such a work. Yvan attempts, unsuccessfully, to placate both sides with hilarious consequences. The question is: Are you who you think you are or are you who your friends think you are?

'Art' in this translation was first performed at Wyndham's Theatre, London, in October 1996.

In 1998, the play received the Evening Standard and Laurence Olivier awards for Best Comedy and the Tony and New York Drama Critics' Circle awards for Best Play.

Conversations after a Burial

Faber and Faber
Type: Text

Simon Weinberg is dead. And, on a November morning, six people gather at his funeral - brothers and a sister, lovers and in-laws. Mourning allows them a special privilege and, for a few hours, they are isolated in another world under a lingering sun, in the shadow of the deceased.

Conversations after a Burial is a savage but richly comic play which explores that ineffable moment of mourning, when the newly deceased is still almost palpable, the moment in which one can maintain the memory of a breath, the intense pause between absence and the return to everyday existence, between loss and life.

Conversations after a Burial premiered at the Almeida Theatre, London, in September 2000.

audio God of Carnage

LA Theatre Works
Type: Audio

Winner of the 2009 Tony Award®, God of Carnage is a brash and hilarious exploration of human nature. After one 11-year-old is hit by another, their parents meet to find a mature resolution. As the evening wears on, the veneer of civility degenerates. What begins as protective parenting ends as an excuse to let loose the primordial beast buried in each of us.

Recorded before a live audience at the UCLA James Bridges Theater in June 2016.

Directed by Martin Jarvis
Producing Director: Susan Albert Loewenberg
Simon Helberg as Alan
Amy Landecker as Veronica
Josh Stamberg as Michael
Jocelyn Towne as Annette

Associate Producer: Anna Lyse Erikson
Recording Engineer, Sound Designer, Mixer: Mark Holden for The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood
Sound Effects Artist: Jeff Gardner
Production Manager: Megan McGrory
Editor: Mitchell Lindskoog

Life x 3

Faber and Faber
Type: Text

Henri and Sonia have invited Hubert and Ines, for dinner. But the appointed evening finds Sonia is in her dressing-gown, their child screaming for a chocolate biscuit, Henri reacting badly to Hubert's casually barbed news and the immaculate Ines appalled to find a ladder in her stocking. Things could have gone better. And maybe they will... With characteristic perception and wit, Yasmina Reza (elegantly translated by Christopher Hampton) slices into her characters to reveal the inner truth about them and, perhaps, all of us.

Life x 3 in this translation premiered at the National Theatre, London, in December 2000.

The Unexpected Man

Faber and Faber
Type: Text

A famous author takes a train journey and sits opposite an unknown woman who's reading his latest book, The Unexpected Man. He observes her reading the novel but affects not to notice. Likewise, she pretends not to recognise that he is the writer. In bizarre, self-obsessed monologues these two characters relate memories, fears and ideas, never actually exchanging conversation until the very end of the piece. Entertaining and intellectually stimulating, Christopher Hampton's translation of Yasmina Reza's disquieting play explores the 'nostalgia of what doesn't occur', and raises questions about the ambiguous relationship between writers and readers.

The Unexpected Man in this translation was first performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company at The Pit, Barbican Centre, London, in April 1998.

audio The Unexpected Man

LA Theatre Works
Type: Audio

Sir David Suchet and Dame Harriet Walter star in Yasmina Reza’s The Unexpected Man, translated by Christopher Hampton. A notorious author shares a train compartment with a long-time reader. But can they connect with each other through a silent tide of self-doubt and second-guessing?

Includes an interview with cast members Sir David Suchet and Dame Harriet Walter.

An L.A. Theatre Works performance featuring Sir David Suchet and Dame Harriet Walter.

Featuring: David Suchet, Harriet Walter

Yasmina Reza is a French playwright and novelist, based in Paris, whose works have all been multi-award-winning, critical and popular international successes. Her plays, Conversations After a Burial, The Passage of Winter, Art, The Unexpected Man, Life x 3, A Spanish Play and The God of Carnage have been produced worldwide and translated into thirty-five languages. Novels include Hammerklavier, Une Desolation, Adam Haberberg, Dans la Luge d'Arther Schopenhauer, Nulle Part and L'Aube le Soir ou la Nuit. Film includes Le Pique-Nique de Lulu Kreutz directed by Didier Martiny.