Plays by Wendy MacLeod

audio Sin

LA Theatre Works
Type: Audio

Featuring Steve Carell, Sin is a contemporary morality play about a helicopter traffic reporter who is trying to keep herself above life's messiness. Her soon-to-be-ex-husband is a charming alcoholic, her roommate is a glutton, she's trapped daily in a helicopter with an envious coworker, and her blind dates are disasters. It takes her dying brother to make her see that pride is the deadliest of sins, and it takes an Act of God to bring her back down to Earth.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring: Steve Carell as Date (Greed); Kyle Colerider-Krugh as Fred (Envy); Jeffrey Hutchinson as Gerard, Avery’s Brother (Pride); Amy Morton as Avery; David M. Pasquesi as Michael (Sloth); Steve Pickering as Jason (Wrath); Tim Rhoze as Man (Lust); Karen Vaccaro as Helen (Gluttony). Recorded at the Goodman Theatre, Chicago for Chicago Theatres on the Air in 1995.

Featuring: Steve Carell, Kyle Colerider-Krugh, Jeffrey Hutchinson, Amy Morton, David M. Pasquesi, Steve Pickering, Tim Rhoze, Karen Vaccaro

Wendy MacLeod is an American playwright whose work has been produced throughout the United States. A graduate of Kenyon College, Ohio, she is now its playwright-in-residence and Professor of Drama. Along with her work for the stage, she has been frequently published, with her work appearing in the New York Times, Salon, Washington Post and The International Herald Tribune. She also had an award-winning film at the Sundance Film Festival when her film The House of Yes won a Special Jury Award. MacLeod's plays include Apocalyptic Butterflies, Connect Five, District Views, Juvenilia, The Lost Colony, The My House Play, Night Terrors, Phantom Limb, The Probabilities, Schoolgirl Figure, The Shallow End, Sin, Things Being What they Are, This Flight Tonight and The Water Children.