Plays by Vinay Patel

An Adventure

Bloomsbury Publishing
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On a stormy night in 1954, a woman doomed to marry one of five men discovers the wildcard choice might just be the person she'd been hoping for all along. An Adventure follows headstrong Jyoti and her fumbling suitor Rasik as they ride the crest of the fall of the Empire from the shores of post-Partition India to the forests of Mau Mau Kenya onto the industrial upheaval of 1970s London and the present day.

But what happens when youthful ambitions crash hard against reality? When you look back at the story of your time together, can you bear to ask yourself: was it all worth it?

Witty, charming and full of fearless historical insight, An Adventure is an epic, technicolour love story from one of the country's most promising young writers about the people who journeyed to British shores in hope and shaped the country we live in today.

Sticks and Stones

Bloomsbury Publishing
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“So we're clear
You know, right?
You know I'm not that kind of person”

Sometimes we can't find the right words. Sometimes the wrong word just slips out. Sometimes the right words become the wrong words. Sometimes that ruins everything.

When a misfiring joke turns their life upside down, B sets off on a surreal journey looking for answers. In an age when technology multiplies every mistake, can we find a way to understand each other?

A razor sharp satire about the search for a sure footing in an uncertain world from BAFTA nominated Vinay Patel.

True Brits

Bloomsbury Publishing
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When a violent encounter leads to a whirlwind romance, young Rahul is more than willing to be caught up. But in the aftermath of 7/7, his world changes in ways he cannot control, drawing him into ever-darker places as he struggles to remain part of a British society that now distrusts him on sight.

Sweeping between the paranoid London of 2005 and the euphoric city of the 2012 Olympics, this debut play from Vinay Patel (Free Fall, Murdered by my Father) is an honest, humorous, hopeful work about wanting to love and be loved. By your crush. By your friends. By your country.

True Brits received its world premiere on 31 July 2014 at the Assembly Hall, Baillie Room, Edinburgh.

Vinay Patel's debut full-length play, True Brits - written as part of his attachment to HighTide Festival Theatre and published by Methuen Drama - premiered at Assembly Hall, Edinburgh Fringe 2014. It went on to be part of the Bush Theatre's new writing season, RADAR and ended with a three-week run at the Vault Festival in February 2015. The follow up, Free Fall, opened at the Pleasance Islington in October 2014 and was nominated for three Off West End awards. Vinay's next play, An Adventure will open at the Bush Theatre in September 2018. His first piece for television, 'Murdered by My Father' ("A brave piece of television, five stars" - The Telegraph), was released on BBC3 online in March 2016 and was rebroadcast on BBC1 in April. For this work, he was selected as a 2016 BAFTA Breakthrough Brit. Elsewhere, he has contributed to the bestselling collection of essays, The Good Immigrant and is currently working on projects for the BBC, the National Theatre and Paines Plough.