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Mahmoud is an exuberant, if overwhelmingly passionate, Iranian engineer-cum-taxi driver who relishes the chance to regale his passengers with his love of Persian culture. Emanuelos, a fabulously gay Spanish perfume salesman, can talk a mile-a-minute about his boyfriend, Behnam. And then there's Tara, an awkwardly charming Iranian Canadian preteen who just wants to be “normal,” whatever that means. When the three strangers find themselves crossing paths in the busy streets of Toronto, their experiences with racism, sexism, homophobia, homesickness and everything in between become intertwined in unexpected ways.

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Tom Arthur Davis is a playwright, actor, producer and director. He is the artistic director of Pandemic Theatre, a Toronto-based theatre company with a mandate for socio-political work. He is also a core member of the Wrecking Ball, a political performance cabaret.