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Sex with a Stranger

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Stefan Golaszewski's Sex with a Stranger is a play that depicts in bleakly comic detail a casual sexual encounter between two people in their twenties, one of whom is being unfaithful to his partner. It was first performed at Trafalgar Studios, London, on 1 February 2012.

The play's action unfolds in short scenes punctuated by blackouts, with the action sometimes resuming after a blackout with little or no jump in time, while at other times returning to moments that occurred much earlier. At the start of the play we see Adam and Grace waiting at a bus stop, having met each other earlier in the evening in a club. After a brief, awkward visit to a kebab shop, they go back to her flat and have sex. Interspersed with these scenes are glimpses of what happened in the club where Adam met Grace, and of the preceding afternoon as Adam prepares for his night out, getting his girlfriend Ruth (with whom he lives) to iron his shirt for him. The second half the play focuses on Adam and Ruth's frayed relationship and the uneasy prelude to Adam's infidelity.

The premiere at Trafalgar Studios was directed by Phillip Breen and designed by Holly Pigott, with Russell Tovey as Adam, Jaime Winstone as Grace and Naomi Sheldon as Ruth.

Stefan Golaszewski co-wrote and performed in Cowards on Radio 4 (2007, 2008) and BBC4 (2009). He produced and performed his first two plays at the Pleasance Courtyard (2008) and the Traverse Theatre (2009) in Edinburgh, and then together as The Stefan Golaszewski Plays at the Bush Theatre in London (2009–10). His play Sex with a Stranger was first performed at the Trafalgar Studios in 2012. He was the writer, creator and executive producer of BBC3’s Him & Her (2010–13), winning the BAFTA for Best Situation Comedy in 2014.