Plays by Simon Longman


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Land beneath our feet. Got all our blood inside it hasn't it? All that time. Belongs to us.”
On a farm in the middle of nowhere, sisters Becky and Anna try to hold their family together after the death of their mother. Time is always moving somewhere – but here it's very quiet.
When they discover a stranger wandering aimlessly across the land, the three establish an unlikely partnership in their determination to survive. 

Island Town

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Kate, Sam and Pete are stuck. The town they live in doesn't have much going on. But they don't really care about that when they've got cheap cider and their whole lives ahead of them.

And they're going to break away anyway. Someone's about to get a car. And all roads go somewhere else. Right?
Island Town is bittersweet story about friendship, hope and dreams of an escape.

Written by Simon Longman, recipient of the 2018 George Devine Award for Most Promising Playwright (Gundog; Royal Court).


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I think I can feel the world turning a little. It feels like it's just grinding to a halt.

Mike is a 16-year-old with a bully of a brother and a mum who doesn't speak. Sarah is a weed-smoking teen who can't wait to get out of their dead-end town. One hot summer their lives collide in a blur of hormones, loneliness and dreaming as they discover that growing up is just as confusing as they say.

Funny, poignant and sharply reminiscent of the joy, pain and confusion of growing up, Rails explores what it means to feel lonely in a forgotten and isolated corner of the world. This edition was published to coincide with the world premiere at Theatre By the Lake in Keswick in May 2018. 

Simon Longman grew up in the West Midlands. He studied Drama and Theatre Studies in the rain in Manchester before moving to London. He has had work performed at the Arcola Theatre and the Lost Theatre and is currently part of the Royal Court Young Writers Programme. Simon won the 2014 Channel 4 Playwrights Scheme (formerly the Pearson Playwrights' Scheme), and is currently writer in residence at Pentabus Theatre Company. Milked premiered in November 2013 in a production by Pentabus. His first play, Milked, was published by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama in 2015.