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When Lizaveta’s simple farm life is smashed apart, she has to run. Her quest to start again leads her through mud and blood, past holy fools and icon painters, to things she has never even imagined.

From a war-torn ex-Soviet state to the streets of Manchester, this bold and gripping play questions death, love and consumerism in the twenty-first century.

Of the play, the Guardian wrote ‘Cannibals is not an easy play to watch, or even a particularly easy play to like. But it could be one of the most provocative, original and disturbing debuts since Blasted.’

Cannibals is Manchester playwright Rory Mullarkey’s first play. It premiered at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, on 3 April 2013. It went on to win the Harold Pinter Playwriting award and the James Tait Black Prize for Drama, both awarded in 2014.


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Two bombs in one day is a foul coincidence
Don't forget the lightning strike

A normal day. A person stands in the market square watching the world go by.
What happens next verges on the ridiculous.

There's ice cream. Sunshine. Shops. Some dogs. A wedding. Bombs. Candles. Blood. Lightning. Sandwiches. Snipers. Looting. Gunshots. Babies. Actors. Azaleas. Famine. Fountains. Statues. Atrocities. And tanks. (Probably).

Rory Mullarkey's new play asks whether things really are getting worse. And if we care.

Saint George and the Dragon  

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A village. A dragon. A damsel in distress.

Into the story walks George: wandering knight, freedom fighter, enemy of tyrants the world over. One epic battle later and a nation is born.

As the village grows into a town, and the town into a city, the myth of Saint George which once brought a people together, threatens to divide them. 

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Stockport native Rory Mullarkey graduated in 2009 from Cambridge, after which he studied at the State Theatrical Arts Academy of St. Petersburg. A translator of Russian Drama, Mullarkey's translations have been produced by the ADC Theatre, The Royal Court and the Free Theatre of Belarus. Plays include Single Sex (Royal Exchange); Remembrance Day (Royal Court), Tourism (Headlong) and Come To Where I'm From (Paines Plough). Mullarkey spent 2010 as Writer-on-Attachment at the Royal Court Theatre, London, and 2011 as the Pearson Writer in Residence at the Royal Exchange, Manchester. His The Grandfathers was programmed as part of the National Theatre's 2012 Connections: Plays for Young People. In 2014, Rory Mullarkey won the Harold Pinter Playwriting Prize, the George Devine Award (jointly with Alice Birch) and the James Tait Black Prize for Drama for his play Cannibals, published by Methuen Drama.