Plays by Philip Ridley

Three Monologues from Vault Zero

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In Bloodshot, an eighteen-year old girl goes for a walk in Victoria Park after a brass band concert, and meets a younger boy with a bloodshot eye. The eye unlocks something within the girl, usually rational and unemotional, as she becomes obsessed with its owner.

In Angry, a delusional sociopath whose favourite film is Bambi takes out his rage on the audience he’s trying unsuccessfully to ignore, relating tall tales of attacking a young couple at a bus stop and running over a woman in his car.

In Vooosh!, the world and all its inhabitants have been scorched and shrivelled by a fiery wind and a flash of neon light. Only a schoolboy and his parents remain, free to roam around in search of food and entertainment, free from the playground bullying that continues to haunt the boy’s dreams.

Tonight with Donny Stixx

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Donny has committed an act that shocked everyone. Tabloids called him ‘evil’ and The Most Hated Boy Alive. No one can understand why he did what he did. And no one can forgive him. But Donny’s not really interested in forgiveness. All he’s interested in is ... getting his own television show.

Written by internationally acclaimed writer Philip Ridley, Tonight With Donny Stixx is the companion piece to Ridley’s 2013 Fringe First winner, Dark Vanilla Jungle. It was first seen in preview at the Soho Theatre, London, on 27 July 2015, and went on to premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Independent described it as ‘A heart-wrenching blend of tenderness and viciousness . . . Donny Stixx’s final trick is to cut the viewer in half, split between sympathy and horror’.

Vincent River

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After her son, Vincent, is murdered in a homophobic attack, Anita must come to terms with her loss, and the hidden fact of his sexuality, an aspect of his identity that she had refused to countenance while he was alive.

This grief and acceptance is complicated by the arrival of Davey, a battered and bruised seventeen-year-old boy, who confesses to Anita that he cannot escape Vincent's ghost. Anita believes that Davey has come to admit to the murder, but it is a deeper crime, a crime of omission, that is haunting her son's lover.

Vincent River was first performed at the Hampstead Theatre, London, in 2000.

Picture of Philip Ridley

Playwright Philip Ridley was born in the East End of London, where he still lives and works. He is a contemporary artist, poet, novelist, film-maker and one of the country's most celebrated living playwrights. Ridley has been described as 'probably a genius' (Time Out), 'a visionary' (Rolling Stone), 'the master of modern myth' (Guardian) and 'the best British playwright of the last 20 years' (Aleks Sierz, author of In-Yer-Face Theatre).