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Some folk are impossible to buy for. Mama said it's because they are usually the ones who are impossible to know…

Before is set in Clerys of Dublin, on the very day this iconic department store shuts - for good. Pontius is inside, trying to choose a gift for his estranged daughter, whom he hasn't seen for almost 20 years. He will meet her in an hour.

This father's journey is both beautiful and strange, from the isolation of his Midlands home to the madness of O'Connell Street.

Before is a new play with much music, which follows the runaway international success of Fishamble's Pat Kinevane Trilogy (Forgotten, Silent and Underneath), which have won Olivier, Scotsman Fringe First, Herald Angel, Argus Angel, Adelaide Fringe and Stage Raw LA awards.


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Forgotten features the interconnecting stories of four elderly people living in retirement homes and care facilities around Ireland, who range in age from 80 to 100 years old. Flor was once a contract farmer who built Ireland with work from its civil war rubble; Dora was once a well-to-do girl from a wealthy family with an eye for a handsome man; Eucharia goes shopping every week to catch a glimpse of the girl she admires from afar; and Gustus feels abandoned by his daughter who has no time for him.

In his preface to the play, Pat Kinevane describes visiting his aunt in hospital where he felt the inspiration he had for the play: 'I looked past her bed and saw – what appeared to me – was an endless row of others – just lying there. I wondered if they had received many visitors, or if some of them had been perhaps, forgotten. It hurt me to think of that – the reality of being no longer thought of, no longer touched, no longer cherished like we are when we first arrive on Earth. Strange thoughts haunted me – questions that were violent yet measured . . . does human dignity diminish with each passing second of our lives? Do we value newness more than age? Does the novelty of the newborn fade with each desperate heartbeat?'

Challengingly dark and startlingly hilarious, Forgotten was described by the press as: ‘an unequivocally beautiful piece’ (Scotsman); ‘beautifully written and vivid’ (New Yorker); conveying ‘the secrets, the hidden past, of the aged, and the dignity often behind their quaint seemingly innocuous bearing’ (New York Times).

Forgotten was produced by Fishamble: The New Play Company at over sixty Irish venues, in eight European countries, and in four U.S. cities between 2007 and 2012.


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Silent is the touching and provocative story of homeless McGoldrig who once had splendid things. But he has lost it all – including his mind. He now dives into the wonderful wounds of his past through the romantic world of Rudolph Valentino.

In his preface, Pat Kinevane writes: 'Silent – from its first letter to its last gesture, is a chance for me to say thank you. On my first ever visit to New York City in 2008 I was alarmed by the amount of dispossession I witnessed – those unfortunate men and women who had made the street their home. I was immediately compelled to ask myself why – what was the cause of each demise to the pavement and why was it happening in the world’s supposed land of the free and the brave? When I returned to Dublin I was even more aware of the amount of homeless people there also. I was determined to explore this shameful legacy of capitalism – this epidemic that has left so many gorgeous hearts behind, left them empty and without shelter and alone. As I began to scribble it down almost four years ago, I had a gut feeling that it was an opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for every blessing I have received in my life.'

Described by the Irish Times as ‘a moving story, which, until its end, pulses with the erratic noise of life’ Silent was first produced in 2011 by Fishamble, Dublin.

Pat Kinevane is a native of Cobh, Co. Cork. He has worked as an actor in theatre, film, television and radio for 22 years. As a writer he completed his first full length play The Nun's Wood in 1997 which won a BBC Stewart Parker Trust Award and was produced by Fishamble. Fishamble then produced his second play The Plains of Enna (Dublin Theatre Festival '99). Pat wrote The Death of Herod for Mysteries 2000 at the SFX. In 2008 his piece Evangeline Elsewhere premiered in New York in the First Irish Festival. Pat toured his solo piece Forgotten in 2012. (Irish Times Theatre Award Nominee 08). He has performed Forgotten extensively throughout Ireland and in Paris, Prague, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Iceland, Washington, Boston and New York since 2008.