Plays by P.J. Barry

audio Bad Axe

LA Theatre Works
Type: Audio

The story of a woman accused of murdering her husband at a military outpost in the Old West. Did hostile Indians force her to scalp him as revenge for his brutality, or did she kill him out of frustration with her plight as a soldier’s wife?

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring John Castellanos, Harry Hamlin, Amy Irving, Peter Jacobs and Jessica Walter.

Recorded before a live audience.

Featuring: John Castellanos, Harry Hamlin, Amy Irving, Peter Jacobs, Jessica Walter

P.J. Barry is an American playwright, actor and director. His career has brought him various awards and nominations including the HBO Award during the O'Neill Theatre Center's Playwright's Conference. His work has been performed throughout the United States, and internationally. Previously the Artistic Director of the Hudson Guild Theatre, New York, Barry is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America. His plays include After the Dancing in Jericho, And Fat Freddy's Blues, Baby Grand, Bad Axe, Blow the House Down, Brownsville Raid 1916, Dagger, The Devil Has A Wooden Leg, A Distance from Calcutta, Down by the Ocean, Gannon, Get Your Own Apple, Getting the Dagger, Getting the Gold, Heritage, Jump the Train at Riverpoint, Light Me a Candle, The Octette Bridge Club, Reasonable Circulation, She Played Good Piano and Toast And Jelly.