Plays by Oli Forsyth

Happy Dave  

Bloomsbury Publishing
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Now you can question the life I live and the choices I've made, but when I step onto that dancefloor I know, without a doubt, that is exactly where I'm supposed to be. The world and his wife don't mean a thing, all that matters is where I am and the people I'm with.

Dave used to be a DJ. And not just any DJ; he spent his 20s filling fields and dropping beats for thousands of young revelers flocking to the 90s rave scene.

All good things must come to an end so now, in his 40s, he finds himself working in an advertising firm selling things he hates.

But old habits die hard and soon Dave is leading a group of young millennials, disenchanted with the lot of Generation Y, back into the fray.

Happy Dave was first performed in preview at the New Diorama, London, ahead of its month-long stint at the Pleasance, Edinburgh, for the 2016 Festival Fringe. 


Bloomsbury Publishing
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These people who walk past us all day will happily send £10 a month to Oxfam...but you could be freezing to death right in front of them and they'll walk past you.

Bess and Hannah are waiting. Sleeping rough on the streets of London they’re hoping for help to arrive and for life to change, but they’ve been waiting for a long time.Until, that is, they meet Caz, a young woman who's not content to sit quietly, she’s far more interested in taking what she needs. As Bess and Hannah get drawn further into this new way of thinking they discover a power in their position that opens up a world of change.

Published to coincide with Smoke & Oakum’s award-winning new production, Kings originally ran at the 2017 VAULT Festival before transferring to the New Diorama Theatre in October 2017.

Oli Forsyth is a playwright, poet and actor from London. In 2013 he established new writing theatre company Smoke & Oakum Theatre which has to date, produced two of his plays. In 2014 Tinderbox had two productions in London and one at the Edinburgh Festival, where it was nominated for an Amnesty International Award. In 2015 Cornermen premiered at The Old Red Lion before running at The Pleasance and transferring to both The New Diorama and the Vaults. As a poet Oli performs his work at venues and festivals around the UK.