Plays by Nick Whitby

The Mystae

Nick Hern Books
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Nick Whitby's The Mystae, or The Initiates is a coming-of-age drama about three young people enacting an ancient rite of passage inspired by the Eleusinian Mysteries, the most famous of the secret religious rites of ancient Greece. It was first performed at Hampstead Theatre Downstairs, London, on 13 February 2014.

The play's action takes place in a sea cave in the west of Cornwall, in the present day. Preparing to leave small-town Cornwall for the bright lights of university and beyond, three best friends – Ina, Holman and Tre, all eighteen or nineteen – arrange one final night together. Inspired by Ina’s Greek heritage, they gather in the cave late at night to perform an ancient ritual that they hope will cement their friendship forever. But as the waves rise to cut them off and the ritual unfolds, hidden betrayals emerge and they begin to fear that the cave may hold other, unimaginably dark secrets.

The Hampstead Theatre premiere was directed by Tim Carroll and designed by Georgia Lowe, with Adam Buchanan as Holman, Alex Griffin-Griffiths as Tre and Beatrice Scirocchi as Ina.

Nick Whitby has had his plays produced on the Edinburgh Fringe, the Donmar in London, and in around forty major productions in Europe. He has written for various comedians, and for TV, including sketches, sitcom, drama, comedy-drama, animation and documentary.