Plays by Mona Mansour

The Hour of Feeling

Bloomsbury Publishing
Type: Text

The Hour of Feeling by Mona Mansour is set in 1967 and revolves around a Palestinian couple on a trip to London, examining political and personal dislocation, the fear of failure and the question of homeland.

Fuelled by a love of English Romantic poetry, a young Palestinian academic, Adham, and his new wife, Abir, take a trip to London, where he will deliver a career defining lecture. While the situation in his home "country" deteriorates and his marriage threatens to dissolve, Adham confronts his fear of failure and the reality that he may be an outsider no matter where he goes.

The Hour of Feeling was first presented in the UK at the High Tide Festival in Halesworth, Suffolk, on 6 May 2012.