Plays by Meg Braem

Blood: A Scientific Romance

Playwrights Canada Press
Type: Text

Twin sisters Poubelle and Angelique are bonded in both biology and shared tragedy after a car accident leaves them orphaned along a prairie highway in a pool of blood. But the young twins are brought home with Dr Glass after their remarkable recovery, and quickly find themselves the subject of endless experiments. In a quest to study Poubelle and Angelique's undeniable bond, Dr Glass's questionable practices are soon scrutinized by a young doctor who might be the twins' only hope for a normal life. Blood: A Scientific Romance probes the questions: do relationships take on new meaning when they begin to shape not only our experiences, but our biology? And do we, in fact, complete one another?

Picture of Meg Braem

Meg Braem is a Calgary-based playwright. Her plays, Blood: A Scientific Romance, The Josephine Knot, Potentilla and The Year of Falling Down, have won numerous awards including The Gwen Pharis Ringwood Award for Drama, The Alberta Playwriting Competition, The Playwrights Guild of Canada University Competition, Best of Victoria Fringe, A Victoria Critic’s Choice Award and Intrepid Theatre’s Petri Dish Play competition. She has had productions/readings at ATP, Theatre Calgary, Sage Theatre, The Gateway Theatre, Urban Curvz, Atomic Vaudeville and the Belfry. Meg Braem is a member of the Citadel Theatre’s Playwriting Forum as well as a playwriting instructor at the University of Calgary.