Matthew MacFadzean

Plays by Matthew MacFadzean

The Mill: Part I: Now We Are Brody

Playwrights Canada Press
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It’s 1854 at the start of Now We Are Brody. The mill is boarded up as the townsfolk attempt to bury a dark shame from their past, but the arrival of a young woman with the deed to the mill threatens to unearth its secret.

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Matthew MacFadzean is an award-winning writer and actor and a 2010 graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s Prime Time TV Program, with degrees from both the National Theatre School of Canada and McGill University. He has written nine plays, performed as far away as Spain and Singapore, including richardthesecond, also published by Playwrights Canada Press. Included among his awards is New York’s prestigious Fox Foundation Award, which he used to travel and work in Southeast Asia. He is currently in development of two one-hour television series and lives in Parkdale with his dog, Connor.