Manjula Padmanabhan

Plays by Manjula Padmanabhan


Aurora Metro Books
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A futuristic satire on the west's exploitation of third world countries – a society in which the trade of body organs to rich westerners is seen as the only route out of poverty. Winner of the Onassis Award for Playwriting. 

Om, a young man is driven by unemployment to sell his body parts for cash. Guards arrive to make his home into a germ-free zone. When Jeetu, his brother returns unexpectedly, he is taken away as the donor. Om can't accept this. Java, his wife is left alone. Will she too be seduced into selling her body for use by the rich westerners?

A writer and artist living in New Dehli, Manjula Padmanabahn has illustrated 21 books for children and, for six years, drew a daily comic strip called SUKI. She has published a collection of short stories entitled Hot Death, Cold Snap. Her two recent books are Getting There, a fictionalised memoir, and This is SUKI!, an album of her comic strip. Harvest, her fifth play, has been produced in Greece, the UK and in the USA.