Plays by Lyle Kessler

audio Orphans

LA Theatre Works
Type: Audio

In a rundown house in Philadelphia live two orphan brothers: the reclusive, frightened Philip and the violent pickpocket thief, Treat. Into this savage and ferociously funny world enters Harold, a shadowy underworld figure of power and influence who irrevocably changes the precious balance between the two brothers. A Steppenwolf Theatre Company Production. Starring Kevin Anderson, Terry Kinney, and John Mahoney Written by Lyle Kessler

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Kevin Anderson, Terry Kinney and John Mahoney.

Featuring: Kevin Anderson, Terry Kinney, John Mahoney

Lyle Kessler is best known for his 1983 play Orphans, a tale of a violent boy's struggle to provide for and control his younger brother, which has been produced around the world in various productions and to record-breaking box-office success. His other plays, including Collision (2013) have also received critical acclaim, as has his acting and directing work, which has seen him work alongside such names as Mark Rydell and James Franco. With his wife (actress Margaret Ladd) he founded The Imagination Workshop in New York, which works with psychiatric patients and veterans to act and develop theatre and theatrical skills.