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The Trouble with Asian Men

Aurora Metro Books
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Macho men or metrosexual guys? Mummy's boys or blokes under their missus' thumbs? Self-made entrepreneurs, pukka professionals and successful executives with their Mercedes Benz lives and designer-clad wives; husbands, sons, uncles, brothers and fathers – these successful, soulful and spirited Asian men have come a long way from their origins but they've all got roots! The Trouble with Asian Men is a vital, tender and hilarious insight into lives that surround us every day, from the award-winning theatre company that brought us East is East. This revealing verbatim comedy that has played to sell-out houses internationally.

Louise Wallinger first started creating Verbatim Theatre when she cofounded Non-Fiction Theatre Company with Mark Wing-Davey. Their first production, Sex 1; Death 2 in 2001 was performed at the Edinburgh Festival, BAC and Soho Theatre. Followed by We Haven’t Said a Porky Pie Yet at the Edinburgh Festival and BAC and See-Through Soho for Soho Theatre. She went on to write two radio plays: Audio Recordings of Human Traffic and Cut Me and I Bleed Elvis for BBC Radio 4. She has worked with DV8 on To Be Straight With You at the National Theatre and she performed most recent solo verbatim show Neighbours as part of Face to Face Festival of Solo Theatre at The Lost Theatre. She has taught Verbatim Technique at Soho Theatre, on Tamasha’s new writing workshops and to the Youth Theatre at Theatre Royal Stratford East who went on to create Mad Blud.