Plays by Lois Fine

Freda & Jem’s Best of the Week

Playwrights Canada Press
Type: Text

Jem is a self-described butch dyke from Montreal who always imagined spending her life in bars and having multiple flings. When she meets Freda, a woman who exposes Jem’s vulnerabilities, her preconceived notions of who she is become moot as she finds herself partnered in a long-term relationship with kids. Which she surprisingly loves – most of the time. But that’s all changing as Jem and Freda’s marriage shifts from one of love and lust to one of gripes and grumbles.

Picture of Lois Fine

Lois Fine has been widely published in anthologies, newspapers, magazines and journals across various genres. Her article ‘Outlaw Moms’, first published in NOW Magazine and later in the anthology Who’s Your Daddy?, documents her and others’ successful Ontario charter challenge regarding queer parenting. Lois Fine lives in Toronto.