Lizzie Nunnery

Plays by Lizzie Nunnery


Faber and Faber
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Present day. Liverpool. All alone, an old man falls in a basement and loses consciousness.

World War II. Norway. A young sailor with a heart full of hope, longing and courage falls in love.

A Liverpudlian man and a Norwegian woman are pulled together and torn apart by war as the events of one summer cause ripples across an ocean of time.

A play with songs, Narvik by Lizzie Nunnery premiered at the Liverpool Playhouse Studio in September 2015 in a Box of Tricks production and was revived for a UK tour in January 2017.

The Sum

Faber and Faber
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Eve's been doing the maths her whole life. But when the squeeze comes, how do you balance a life that doesn't add up and a family that refuses to read the bottom line?

A play with songs about searching for the magic formula in hard times, The Sumpremiered at Liverpool Everyman in May 2017.

To Have to Shoot Irishmen  

Faber and Faber
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Easter morning, 1916. Gunshots ring out in the Dublin streets. In her suburban sitting-room Hanna prepares for revolution. Frank walks through the crowds calling for peace, while John recalls the trenches and sees a city soaked in blood. Eighteen-year-old William fearfully reports to the barracks for duty, determined to serve the British army with honour.

Inspired by true events, this absorbing play weaves movement and folk song into a stirring tale of militarism, corruption and the power of rebellion.

Lizzie Nunnery’s To Have to Shoot Irishmen premiered at the Omnibus Theatre, London, in October 2018, the first date in an Almanac Arts UK tour.