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audio The Autumn Garden

LA Theatre Works
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A Chekhovian comedy from Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lillian Hellman about the sad and funny frailties of human existence. As the summer of 1949 draws to a close, a group of middle-aged friends are gathering for their annual retreat at a genteel Southern resort. An acquaintance from the past thrusts himself into the yearly gathering, forcing them to re-examine their mundane yet seemingly idyllic existence, the opportunities they’ve lost, and the lives that have passed them by.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring: Glenne Headly as Rose Griggs Julie Harris as Mrs. Mary Ellis David Clennon as General Benjamin Griggs Eric Stoltz as Edward Crossman Scott Wolf as Frederick Ellis Roxanne Hart as Carrie Ellis Tracy Middendorf as Sophie Tuckerman Jeronimo Spinx as Leon Gates McFadden as Constance Tuckerman David Selby as Nicholas Denery Mary Steenburgen as Nina Denery Lynne Marta as Hilda

Featuring: David Clennon, Julie Harris, Roxanne Hart, Glenne Headly, Lynne Marta, Gates McFadden, Tracy Middendorf, David Selby, Jeronimo Spinx, Mary Steenburgen, Eric Stoltz, Scott Wolf

Lillian Hellman (1907–1984) wrote her first hit play, The Children's Hour, in 1934. Its exploration of homosexuality made it so controversial that it was banned from Chicago, Boston, and even London theatres. Such was her success, however, with this and the plays that followed it, that she was the first woman ever to be allowed into the (previously exclusively male) American club, 'Dramatic Literature'. She was well-known for her outspoken views on politics and her opposition to McCarthyism – views chronicled in her widely-read memoirs.