Plays by Liam Borrett

This is Living  

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Liam Borrett's play This Is Living is a drama about bereavement, exploring the relationship between the living and the dead. It was first performed, in an early version, at the Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2014. It received its London premiere in this revised version at the Trafalgar Studios in the West End on 17 May 2016.

The play opens on a riverbank in Otley, West Yorkshire, just after midnight. Alice, age 28, is lying face-down at the water's edge, while her partner, Michael, age 31, stares at the water. Then Alice lurches back into life, and the two proceed as if nothing has happened. As the play unfolds, scenes from the present are intercut with flashbacks – a nervous first encounter on the Piccadilly Line, courtship, a traumatic miscarriage. It transpires that Alice and Michael met six years ago, and have a three-year-old daughter Lily. But nothing will ever really be the same after Alice gets up out of the river.

The Trafalgar Studios production was directed by Liam Borrett and designed by Sarah Beaton. It was performed by Tamla Kari (as Alice) and Michael Socha (as Michael).

Liam Borrett trained at the Drama Centre, London. His work as a writer/director includes Dancing (Etcetera Theatre); Hannah (Miniaturist Festival, Arcola Theatre); and This is Living (Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014). As a director his work includes Boileroom (Miniaturist Festival, Arcola Theatre).